Our assembly unit, from idea to operation

We offer complementary activities that combine efficiency, productivity, adaptability and cost efficiency.


Manual, semi or fully automated assembly of parts or components for medium, large and very large production series.


Customised product tampoprinting


By camera or other means, designed and personalised to meet your quality requirements in terms of reliability, traceability and security.


Based on your specifications and the technico-economic constraints, we provide tailored packaging of
all your parts from the simplest to the most technical.

We know how to meet your needs to enhance and develop all the additional functions
around thermoplastic materials injection moulding.

The reactive, experienced team makes sure the industrialisation is tailored and innovative.

  • Automated or manual parts and component assembly
  • Tampoprinting line
  • Ultrasonic and induction welding stations
  • High speed camera inspection
  • Manual or automated packaging
  • Integrated quality assurance