Renewable Energy

One of the main sources of renewable energy is solar power. EMI injection moulds the various mono or bi-material components of photovoltaic connectors. These electrical connectors are used in the serial and parallel wiring of PV panels. The parts must meet various standards, such as VO, UL94 etc. We provide 100% camera inspection, tampoprinting and the assembly of millions of parts per week. Electrical and dielectric testing ensure the reliability of these safety components.


This sector is in constant evolution and with the advent of the regulations on the reduction of CO2, our R&D centre helps our clients to develop vehicle emission control and lightweight construction systems. We principally work with tier 1 and tier 2 suppliers providing anti-noise and anti-vibration injection, but we also provide bi-material structural reinforcement pieces, for applications such as bodywork and the passenger compartment. Our robotic processes allow us to assemble parts immediately they come out of moulding, and ensure optimal flexibility when changing runs.


EMI produces injection moulded plastic parts for windows: retaining clips between the wooden framework and aluminium frames. We are also expert in overmoulding metallic inserts for garden decking mounting clips. Our investment in a robotic polyurethane sealing unit means we can respond to a constant demand in sealing needs (roller shutters, garage doors, automobile, chemistry, connections, etc.).

Electrics and Electronics

Grommets, boxes, connectors with or without divisible areas, are only a few examples of parts that we mould for large industrial groups. These are mainly multi-cavity moulds, with up to 80 cavities; rotary or rotary plate bi-material, gate-system or transfer moulds; but also sandwich or stack moulds, with demoulding by unscrewing.


Objects and apparatus destined for the medical and pharmaceutical field must be designed and sized with care, both in terms of ergonomics and in the choice of the materials to be used, to ensure hygiene levels and stability over time. EMI works with very small, small and medium sized businesses (SOHO and SMB) that wish to develop and industrialize these products. EMI has a clean room meeting ISO 8 standards.