Our recognised know-how in plastic injection moulding, our ability to innovate and our equipment at the cutting edge of technology mean we can meet new challenges every day. Do not hesitate to contact us for any special request.

Order processing

Whether you’re looking for a mould or a subcontractor to carry out your plastic part injection moulding, EMI will provide an attentive ear from the first discussion, to ensure your order is fully scoped. The permanent dialogue EMI has put in place between our teams and our customers guarantees that your order will be recorded and processed as soon as possible


Once your order has been entered in our Computer Aided Production Management system, you can trust EMI to ensure manufacture and delivery to schedule. Our reliable CAPM system, which we constantly modernise, generates a works order from your purchase order. This document is transmitted to our qualified production staff, who will follow each manufacturing step. The works order includes a bill of materials that lists all the elements required to create your mono-, bi- or tri-injection pieces: thermoplastic materials, dyes, inserts, drying time, type of packaging, etc.

Bar Code

The bar code is present at all stages of your product manufacturing. From the arrival of the raw material granulates, up to the packaging of your pieces to meet your needs, our operators meticulously identify each operation. This ensures the traceability of your manufactured product. The raw materials batch, the drying conditions, the injection press, the carton in which your parts were packed and the operator who inspected and packed them can all subsequently be identified, so as to ensure optimum quality.


Because we inject perishable materials on our bi-injection presses, we have to make sure that the first piece injected will be the first piece delivered. In this way, we are able to guarantee a high level of quality in all the technical parts that we produce as subcontractors.


We consider that the reduction of CO2 emissions is a major concern, and not just among our customers in the automotive sector. That is why we have put in place a commercial strategy based on proximity. We have a short delivery cycle within a radius 300km around the company. Delivery that is on-time, to target and to budget at each of the EMI milestones is how you ensure you remain competitive in your markets.

The production plants


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