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EMI supports its partners in the industrialisation of their concepts



The road from idea 💡 to finished product ✅ can sometimes be strewn with obstacles. To support our partners in this process, we offer comprehensive industrialisation support to transform their concepts into concrete, high-performance products 🚀
🎯 Definition of requirements through in-depth analysis of specifications
🔎 3D pre-study of parts and assemblies using Creo 10, then prototyping using 3D printing for functional validation
🖥️ 3D design and industrialisation of parts and assemblies, integration of additional functions and bi-material seals, overmoulding of inserts and electronic components, surface finishing and functionalisation, anti-counterfeiting, individual laser engraving, magnetisation, etc.
📐 2D study of parts and assemblies, definition of dimensional and geometric tolerances in accordance with ISO GPS standards, definition of inspection criteria for mechanical strength, tightness, electromagnetic shielding, etc.
🔀 Rheological study using Moldflow, then mechanical study using Inventor Nastran: validation of the injection and then the mechanical strength of the parts, mechanical coupling with the rheological study, particularly with regard to the orientation of the fibres.
⚙️ Study of injection tools and robotised processes for the production and assembly of parts and assemblies in-house, 100% automated control based on visual and dimensional criteria using cameras and/or digital sensors.

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