An extra unit to add value your projects...from idea to end product.

Our customisation unit provides you with complementary services to ensure a personalised finish of the injected parts right up to the packaging.


A reactive and experienced team takes care of the requests, analyses the requirements and proposes adapted and efficient solutions.

Our service offer is adapted to your needs, with flexibility and efficiency to increase the profitability of your projects. Located in the immediate proximity of our injection and assembly workshops, our unit works 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

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Thanks to our innovative and efficient equipment, we are able to accompany our customers in their customisation needs after injection. Our high precision technologies allow us to guarantee 100% quality assurance.

  • Marking :
    • By inkjet: fast engraving technology combining precision and inalterability
    • By tampoprinting: printing system using ink recovery and transfer pad allowing printing on all types of supports and surfaces
    • By laser: thanks to a laser beam, this marking makes it possible to obtain very precise and unalterable results in a few seconds on many materials
  • Control :
    • By camera: high speed industrial vision equipment for your 100% quality control: appearance, surface, dimension, assembly, defect inspection, traceability,…
    • By go/no go gauge: a quick and simple manual control method that can be used directly in production
  • Magnetisation : magnetisation of products such as ferrites after an overmoulding process with 100% control
  • PUR sealing : for reliable and durable sealing and perfect adaptation to different part geometries
  • Manual or automated packaging: specific and adapted to the needs of each customer in terms of quantity, type of packaging, identification, pallet, etc... AGVs manage the placing in stock and supply of empty pallets. Our logistics department is also equipped with an automatic wrapping machine to facilitate palletisation and secure transport.

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