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Actualités - EMI

Do you know about the 5S method?

Various 27/04/2021

Originating in Japan, this method was made famous by its implementation in Toyota production plants.

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Do you know the gender equality index ?

Various 13/04/2021

Published for the first time in 2020, this index helps to fight against professional inequalities between women and men. Obligatory for all...

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Polymer grades

Infographics 01/04/2021

The term "plastic" is commonly used to designate products made of polymer, but did you know that there are different grades of material...

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Eco-gestures at EMI

Various 16/03/2021

Concerned about the environment and its impact on the planet, EMI sends monthly eco-gestures to its employees in order to act daily by adopting...

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Reception of 5 silos

Various 03/03/2021

Last week, EMI received 5 silos for the storage of raw materials. In addition to a reduction in waste thanks to a reduction in packaging, this new...

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Focus on bi-material injection

Infographics 16/02/2021

EMI experts inform you today about bi-material injection.

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Filmed interview at EMI!

Various 02/02/2021

Tutor and apprentice took part in the filmed interview for the ESC 3 FRONTIERES business school based in Saint-Louis. With a large number of trades...

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Focus on tool maintenance

Infographics 19/01/2021

Carried out regularly, tool maintenance is essential for the efficient processes running and the warranty of optimum part quality.

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