Lines of business

EMI works in partnership with numerous companies from different industries.

This diversity leads to an ever more innovative and customized response to varied and highly demanding industrial needs.

Secteurs d'activité - EMI

Medical & Paramedical

Directly related to medicine, care, technical assistance or equipment, these two sectors have particular requirements for the manufacture of plastic parts.

EMI participates in the co-development of medical devices, fulfills design request for parts and tooling and carries out functional validation.

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Médical & paramédical

Renewable energies

Inexhaustible sources of energy, renewable energies represent one of the fastest growing sectors requiring technical thermoplastic parts in very large series.

The parts designed for equipment in this field must meet requirements in terms of precision, repeatability, quantity and lifetime.

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Énergies renouvelables

Electrical & Connections

Now omnipresent, these two constantly evolving sectors are faced with permanent challenges of standardization, power or functionality of the devices they connect.

By co-developing the parts, EMI participates in the challenge taken up by the key-players in the sector by providing, for example, overmoulding or bi/tri-material injection moulding solutions and by complying with the certifications that are essential for the safety of the parts, such as UL certification (fire protection).

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Électrique & Connectique - Emi


As a major sector of the global economy, the automotive industry is a highly competitive market subject to numerous regulations that drive the industry to constantly reinvent itself, for example by rethinking its structural parts.

To support this field in its quest for continuous improvement, EMI places R&D and quality at the heart of the project in terms of processes, tools and the materials used.

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A major economic sector in France, the building sector includes not only construction work but also interior design work. Thermoplastic parts must therefore meet multiple criteria..

EMI carries out comprehensive tests to measure the wear, resistance and water tightness of plastic parts used in this sector.

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Bâtiment - EMI


Industry is a sector that covers a wide range of activities and offers a wealth of knowledge and experience that is very attractive. The thermoplastic parts used in this sector are therefore very diverse as there are so many fields of activity.

EMI knows how to meet these specific needs by establishing close co-development. Plastic parts in this field meet precise functionalisation criteria and require a sophisticated project approach, based on ISO 9001 standards all the way through the delivery of the parts.

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Industrie - EMI