A metrology service to match your innovation

Our measurement and test laboratory provides you with dimensional checks during production and can also support your new projects, by integrating product and process validation procedures.

Our teams test, measure and validate your tooling and your products at all design stages and throughout the production phase.

Our PPAP and APQP trained experts provide you with true investigation and analysis support, ensuring control of key safety, reliability and performance data.

Our skills are built on methodologies so we can meet your different needs in dimensional, endurance and resistance control and ageing tests.

We also carry out polygonal analyses suitable for free-form surfaces and tooling.

  • Touch point probing and continuous scanning measurement
  • Optical measurement
  • Profile measurement by continuous probing
  • Tensile and compression strength testing
  • Melt flow testing to determine the MFI and MFR
  • Resistance and ageing tests
  • Climatic testing
  • Machine park: CMM machines for 3D tactile and optical measurements
  • Contourograph
  • Tensile and compression testing machine
  • Flow rate test machines
  • Climatic chambers, thermal shock and temperature variation with moisture content
  • Integrated quality assurance