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Actualités - EMI

Beautiful women's day!

Various 08/03/2022

On this International Women's Rights Day, EMI celebrates women and thanks all its female employees for their investment.

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EMI and its partners committed to the environment!

Various 23/02/2022

EMI is committed to the environment through internal actions but also through the choice of responsible partners. Suppliers of raw materials,...

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A new machine has just been added to the mechanical workshop

Various 01/02/2022

Do you recognise what type of machine it is?

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What's happening this month in the R&D department?

Various 18/01/2022

Our engineers are continuing the development of a mobile ISO 8 room.

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EMI welcomes you to 2022!

Various 03/01/2022

The teams are back and ready for the new year!

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Best wishes !

Various 24/12/2021

All the teams at EMI wish you a happy holiday season.

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Training "plastic injection moulding and general knowledge of plastics processing" at EMI!

Various 09/12/2021

Although most of the employees have a background in plastics processing, some of them have not had this type of training.

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Today we're talking about White, Yellow, Green and Black belts!

Various 23/11/2021

As you may have guessed, we are talking about Six Sigma training. This method aims to improve the quality of a company's production by...

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