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Actualités - EMI

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Various 18/12/2020

All the EMI team wish you a happy holiday season.

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Word of the day : rheology

Infographics 15/12/2020

Rheology, which comes from the ancient Greek rhéō "flow" and lógos "study", was introduced in 1928 by Eugene...

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Zoom on the grey area

Various 08/12/2020

In order to reinforce the level of requirements for the production of medical and paramedical parts, EMI has equipped  its works with a 350...

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Discover our infographic about Masterbatch and Mass Tinted

Infographics 24/11/2020

Did you know that there are different processes for injecting a coloured plastic part?

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EMI on the web

Press 12/11/2020

France Innovation Plasturgie is organising a grand tour of the regions to highlight the exhibitors at its show.

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EMI has equipped itself with a laser welding machine

Various 10/11/2020

Laser welding can be very useful to quickly repair damaged or used machined parts and production tools in different materials such as steel,...

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Discover our PEEK infographic

Infographics 27/10/2020

Considered to be one of the best performing thermoplastics in the world, PEEK (Polyetheretherketone) is a material used in the plastics industry...

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EMI on the web

Press 15/10/2020

For EMI's 25th anniversary, ADIRA - The Alsace Development Agency - has published an article on its website and social networks presenting EMI...

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